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Looking at Stonehenge Tunnel with future generations in mind

National Trust members are being asked to vote at the organisation’s AGM in November (2022) on a motion asking the Trust to reconsider its support for the Government’s scheme to dual the A303 across the Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS), including twin-bore tunnels, in view of the Examining Authority’s recommendation, the High Court Judgment, UNESCO’s threat… Continue reading

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How the drive to push meat off the menu could soon turn into a stampede

Spanish Plant-Based Meat Company Heura launched its latest products this month (September 2021), somewhat provocatively, in the high temple of bovine muscularity, La Monumental, Catalunya’s last bullfighting colosseum still in operation. It was a potent photo opportunity, a “pork” sausage and a chorizo brought to market in a place so deeply imbued with the ritualistic… Continue reading