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How the Proms are celebrating dazzling Welsh musical talent Morfydd Owen

Update: April 24th, 2018. The 2018 BBC Proms season will include, for only the second time, a performance of a work by long-overlooked Welsh composer Morfydd Llwyn Owen (Fri 20 Jul 2018). The last piece by her was performed there in September 1917. The composer died, tragically young, shortly afterwards. The Proms piece is the short Nocturne, lasting about 15 minutes. It… Continue reading

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The Durrells back on ITV to promote Corfu in 1930s time capsule

The third season of The Durrells began on ITV on Sunday 18th March at 8pm. The programme, set in 1937, follows Louisa Durrell’s attempt to make a new life for herself and her family in Corfu, after her husband died. The series stars Keeley Hawes, Josh O’Connor, Daisy Waterstone, Milo Parker, Callum Woodhouse, Leslie Caron, Yorgos Karamihos, Alexis Georgoulis and Christopher… Continue reading

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Writing Aylesbury out of a children’s classic: how important are real places in literature?

When The Story of Holly and Ivy was first published, it was set in the Buckinghamshire market town of Aylesbury. In later editions the location was switched to the fictional Appleton. Has the book lost something as a result? “And where does your grandmother live?” asks a gentleman in the train compartment. “In Aylesbury”, answers Ivy. “Yes,… Continue reading