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Garfield Sobers – six sixes perfection remembered

Sir Garfield Sobers, former cricketer, is 80 on July 28th, 2016 This is an essay, based on my e-book Sobers six hit perfection at Swansea: That was the Day  99p on Amazon Long before the days of the furious, frantic thrash of 20 20 Cricket, when…

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Rosy future as Covent Garden spills over and extends its day

The first “Covent Garden After Hours” takes place this month (July, 2016) from Wednesdays to Saturdays, with a series of special events every Thursday. It’s a smart way to put a focus on the area, and draw its many component parts together, with late night shop-opening, free…

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Launching a literature festival in an English village – BeaconLit comes to Ivinghoe

I wrote the following blog after the first BeaconLit, our local literary festival, in 2013. This year (July 2nd, 10-5)  is the fourth, now held  in the dry and, this year, welcome warmth of the local school in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire. The festival is moving forward. It…

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Eat at Joe’s – where Covent Garden meets New York City

I don’t know of a restaurant in the West End like Joe Allen, discreet, below street level, down a flight of stairs. There is a tempting touch of mystery about it, set apart from regular places on the pavement, not so easy to find, hinting…

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Bike to the future – the electric cycling revolution

Could the electric bike (e-bike) open cycling to the masses, and reduce our use of the car for short distance journeys? The cycling revolution has only half begun. There is no turning back the flood of serious long-distance cyclists, now visible in large numbers on country roads. Some…

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Football success gives Iceland tourism boost money can not buy

Close to economic melt-down in 2009, Iceland is staging a remarkable come-back. And on June 22nd, this nation of 300k reached the knock out stages of Euro 2016 in France. Forget all the financial computations on the level of improvement in the economy, this single…

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