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Pavegen more than a walk on part in renewable energy generation

Could renewable energy start-up Pavegen become the Tesla of walking? Most of us, unless we have lost the use of our legs, walk some distance every day. Some of us are walking more, to meet health and fitness targets, with 10,000 steps a day one…

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Nespresso’s Clooney coffee ads to boost South Sudan farmers

Coffee pods are one of the social and marketing phenomena of our times. The dominant brand Nespresso continues to commission the matinee, or should that be mid-morning?, idol George Clooney to promote its coffee to a prodigious band of consumers who cannot, incidentally, all be…

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Simon King – expert guide to the wildlife around us

NatureWatch – How to Track and Observe Wildlife, by Simon King A lot of people, me included when I worked for Radio Times and spoke often to Simon about his TV wildlife programmes, used to nominate him as the next David Attenborough. That was more…

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Rail the only answer as Oxford turns into a traffic jam

The sensible way to reach the centre of Oxford if you are driving there is to park at one of the three “park-and-ride” facilities on the edge of the city and take the bus in. The city introduced this facility more than 20 years ago and,…

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Champion honey-coloured stone pub in the Cotswolds

I approached the Horse & Groom at Bourton on the Hill in the Cotswolds, on a dimming autumnal evening, with “child in the toy shop” level of anticipation. It had just been voted Pub of the Year in The Good Pub Guide 2016. The guide…

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Free our best friend – time to walk the dog out of pedigree status?

Why should somebody like me, who does not own a dog, who has never owned a dog, be interested in a book with the cover tagline “a must read for all dog lovers”? Predisposed to dismiss it as uninteresting reading, I took a dip inside…

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