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Capital boost for Shrewsbury’s tourism as direct trains call

Virgin Trains reinstate a direct twice-daily train service from London to Shrewsbury today  (December 15 2014). The new link is likely to enhance the town’s appeal as a day trip and weekend-away destination. It’s a matter of touristic distinction to be joined to the capital by…

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How Tolkien’s Hobbit went there and back again

Was the language and invention of  The Hobbit  inspired by JRR Tolkien’s time at the University of Leeds?   ” Bilbo found it… in Gollum’s cave.” Friday, December 12, 2014, marks the end of a very long journey. It’s the day the third part of…

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Le Loir breaks cover from its better known cousin (La Loire)

No, it’s not a spelling mistake. The river Loir, and its tranquil countryside setting, is emerging from the shadow of its bigger and much better-known cousin, the Loire, as a destination in its own right. I visited this too often overlooked slice of France. His list…

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Could climate-conscious Oxford lead Church of England to divest from fossil fuels?

The Church of England – safe, dependable, peaceful, caring. And now radical? A small earthquake was detonated in the Diocese of Oxford, covering the three largely rural counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. And it wasn’t set off by fracking. Quite the opposite. Last weekend…

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Significant ceramics – on the trail of Europe’s finest pottery cities

There’s a new and very distinguished international cultural itinerary through five countries, on the trail of an item that has seduced us for centuries. The ultimate thrill would be to spend a week, or more reasonably two, following the invisible thread running from Limoges in France,…

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High-fly wi-fi York bids to be UK’s best online tourist destination

Could the guidebook and the tourist leaflet become obsolete, before too long, at least in town and city centres? Using ubiquitous, and free, Wi-Fi, tourists may never again need to look up the height of that steeple, the age of that ancient market cross, the…

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