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Salisbury’s perfect year as world’s top 10 city

Lonely Planet has chosen Salisbury as one of its top 10 cities of the world to visit in 2015. The city celebrates the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015 – the cathedral will be displaying its copy, considered to be the best of the…

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How an uncle sent £5 to a hard-up Dylan Thomas

This is an and untold story about how  a young lady delivered a £5 pound  to a hard-up poet in London.  I don’t believe it has been told before.   – – – – A letter was sent to the editor of the Mail on Sunday for…

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Tunnel plan could see final road closure at Stonehenge

What if Stonehenge stood remote and alone in the middle of an empty landscape, approached from a discreet and hidden interpretation centre a mile away behind some rising ground? That’s only half the aspiration it once was, because the part about the interpretation centre has been…

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Start up tech finds Silicon Roundabout space

Techspace opens its third East London co-working space, and it’s more than just the sum of many desks and a few coffee machines.I visit an “inspirational” place near Silicon Roundabout. — I work from home, so I know what it’s like to be cut off from people, at…

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Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia

“Poetry on the streets, poetry in pubs, poetry shouted, sung and celebrated with music, food, film, exhibitions, performances and live event.” The organisers of this one-week festival (October 20th to 26th) invite you to “Join us for an explosion of festivities to celebrate the centenary of…

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Nova – the bright light to shine on smartphone photos?

Another thing I like about Twitter. In just 10 minutes, without any help from the traditional media, I have found all I need to know about a bright new product after following a link and reading the company’s website and its well-presented press kit. The…

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