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Could the self-driving bus save rural public transport?

There is a long-term future for rural bus services in Britain, but it doesn’t involve humans, or at least human drivers. A BBC story today (February 4, 2016) dwells on the risk of services in England and Wales being “wiped out” by council budget cuts….

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My journey from Commodore 64 to Motorola Moto G supercomputer

Oh dear. My Motorola smartphone is trying to set me tougher New Year challenges. “You’ve been very active over the last two weeks” (referring to my several times exceeding my one-hour walking or running target on Fit.) “Ready to take your goal to the next…

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How people of Jericho built Britain’s daftest, most heroic railway

The ITV “Yorkshire Western” Jericho celebrates the men and women who built the Ribblehead Viaduct, centrepiece of the wild, fabulous and  slightly mad  railway, running over the top of England in the 1870s. The viaduct, that heroic vindication of their labours, still stands, part of…

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UK company’s zero-emission “clean cold” engine keep goods cool in intransit

Anyone out on the roads of the UK, or the rest of Europe or North America today, will see enormously polluting vehicles.  I don’t mean the common petrol or diesel-powered car. I’m referring to those many,  often anonymous looking, vans carrying perishable goods. Until I…

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Rough Guides lists Jordan as one of its top 10 countries to visit

Jordan is a proud and welcoming nation, keen to show off its spectacular landscape and fabulous history.  In 2016 it won a special accolade. Rough Guides included it in its top ten list of countries to visit. I was there recently. This is my must do list….

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BA drops plan to power flights with municipal rubbish

Just three weeks after the world’s governments signed a deal to cut Co2 emissions to slow global warming, BA has announced that it has been forced to mothball a project to create 16m gallons of jet fuel from London’s rubbish every year. It cites a number…

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