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Norwich – England’s taste of medieval Europe linked by air to Cardiff

Norwich and Cardiff are to be linked  by direct flights  on weekdays from April,  2015. The carrier will be regional airline LinksAir. Both cities and their hinterland may be wondering what is waiting at the end of the flight. This is what I found out about Norwich on…

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Thought for the Day features the Thames Path

The Thames Path featured on today’s Thought for the Day. The speaker, the Rev Dr Jane Leach introduced her talk by describing her walk along the opening section, from the Thames Barrier to the heart of London. She plans to walk the entire 180 mile of…

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Fine electric bus, but Milton Keynes cannot match Europe’s public transport

The latest easyJet magazine extols Milton Keynes. It is certainly a city of energy and achievement, and it deserves to be recognised as a pleasant place to live and work, just 30 minutes by fast train to London, even if it doesn’t have many interesting…

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From the Beatles to le Carré – the lure of lively Hamburg

Hamburg is the green-blue gem of North Germany, spangled with parks, lakes and canals. Now many visitors arrive by water, too: Hamburg has become one of Europe’s biggest cruise ship ports. I paid a visit to this lively city. My pick includes the area where the Beatles…

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Tidal lagoon in Swansea could power 100,000 homes

This blog was first published in the spring of 2013. Swansea has its second chance to lead the world. Will it take it? 206 years ago the city launched the world’s first passenger railway. This week (April 8, 2013) a consortium announced a £10m “investment…

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Is Swansea’s tidal lagoon the new pinup renewable scheme?

It was the pinup renewable energy project of the early 2000s, a barrage across the mighty Severn estuary. Second highest tides in the world, providing enough clean, green power to provide 5% of the UK’s energy needs. And a new 11 mile (15 km) road…

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