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Scoop – how Welsh journalist Gareth Jones shared a flight with Hitler

The great Welsh journalist Gareth Jones was murdered one day short of his 30th birthday in China on August 12th, 1935. My monograph – click here –  briefly outlines his life and describes a flight he took with the electioneering Hitler in 1933. It’s free to…

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Could perovskite power the next generation of renewable energy?

Perovskite. It took from the early 1960s until just a few years ago for the conventional solar panel to get about as far as is going to go with current technology, where panels, made up of silicon-based solar cells, can turn 20-22% of the energy…

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No medals for Augusto Ramos, but London saluted a true Olympian

Commentators will do plenty of athlete name-checkings at the openingOlympic ceremony tonight, but I doubt if too many will have much to say about the tiny three-person team from Timor-Leste, or remember the part one of them, Augusto Ramos Soares, had to play in the London Olympics of 2012.  He…

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Garfield Sobers – six sixes perfection remembered

Sir Garfield Sobers, former cricketer, is 80 on July 28th, 2016 This is an essay, based on my e-book Sobers six hit perfection at Swansea: That was the Day  99p on Amazon Long before the days of the furious, frantic thrash of 20 20 Cricket, when…

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Rosy future as Covent Garden spills over and extends its day

The first “Covent Garden After Hours” takes place this month (July, 2016) from Wednesdays to Saturdays, with a series of special events every Thursday. It’s a smart way to put a focus on the area, and draw its many component parts together, with late night shop-opening, free…

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Launching a literature festival in an English village – BeaconLit comes to Ivinghoe

I wrote the following blog after the first BeaconLit, our local literary festival, in 2013. This year (July 2nd, 10-5)  is the fourth, now held  in the dry and, this year, welcome warmth of the local school in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire. The festival is moving forward. It…

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