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My year with a smart phone I actually own – the Motorola G

It has been an interesting tech year for me. I’ve had a mobile phone or a smartphone since the mid-90s. But since last September I’ve been doing something quite unusual – owning a smartphone, Motorola’s Moto G, as opposed to effectively renting one from Carphone…

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British drivers still unsure on Continental roads, surveys show

It was the first night of our holiday in Brittany. Tired, hungry and not concentrating, I drove away from the holiday home we just reached on the wrong side of the road. I realised my mistake within a few hundred metres. There was nobody about,…

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Energy from footsteps Pavegen outpaces crowdfund target

A company harvesting energy from footfall has raised £1.32m more than its original crowdfunding campaign target. In fact Pavegen managed to reach its initial target of £750k in just 59 hours on Crowdcube, after opening on 26th May 2015. It reached £1m in less than…

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In cricket Wales becomes England as Ashes clash comes to Cardiff

Let no one doubt the cricketing fervour of the Welsh, least of all the Australians, as they gather in Cardiff today for the first Test Match in the 2015 Ashes series. When Glamorgan beat the Australians in Swansea in 1964, and it was the only…

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Are men ready for upmarket hair care?

Melogy appears to have closed. The website link doesn’t work, and there is no other sign online. So I’ve amended my piece, below, to turn it into a kind of lament.   When the original St. Pancras Hotel opened alongside the Midland Railway London terminus 138 years ago, the cameras…

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King willow still leads the batting in 21st Century cricket

The Ashes (England v Australia) series, cricket’s biggest and most ancient contest, opens in Cardiff this week. But where would all those cricketers be without bats? Out, clearly. Seriously, though, in an age of synthetic everything, it is heartening that good old-fashioned (English) wood is…

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