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Settle-Carlisle railway – how a scenic superlative survived against the odds

By now the Ribblehead Viaduct should have been rubble under some motorway extension. And the rest of the 72 mile Settle-Carlisle railway, they would have turned that into a cycle track. I mean the bits that were not covered in houses, factory units and impossible-to-undo road…

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Is Plentific the website to change the way we buy houses?

Buying a house is a major moment, whether it’s the first purchase you’ve made or the 21st. It’s true that the procedure becomes easier as your familiarity with it grows, but where that home is, what’s going on around it and how it compares with…

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All-electric cars – smog-free vision in a car park

It suits the governments to play down the man made contribution to the smog that affected southern Britain in the first few days of April, 2014. The Saharan dust was there for anyone to see and feel, on cars and in your eyes. Walking the…

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Sleek and silent killer returns to the skies of an English market town

Aylesbury’s pair of peregrine falcons are tending their first egg on their purpose built nesting platform at the top of the 200 feet high County Hall in the centre of the Bucks town.  It’s still early April, and there is the promise of more eggs…

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Riding the Golden Road – way out west (in Wales)

The Golden Road. What adventures spring to mind? Riding a great, gilded highway as it strikes east across the steppes of Central Asia? Bumping along an ancient trading route down through the sands of Arabia? No need to venture so far. We have a Golden…

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City of London – rich and ancient destination in the heart of the capital

It’s easy for visitors to see London as one great, sprawling, daunting destination, where they must fit in as much as they can, scurrying from the National Gallery, to the London Eye, on to St Paul’s, across to the V&A via the British Museum, before…

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