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Leicester savours a Richard III-inspired tourist boom

Leicester struck touristic gold in 2013 when experts concluded that human bones discovered under a car park belonged “beyond reasonable doubt” to Richard III. The King Richard III Visitor Centre opened in 2014, and the king’s mortal remains are being interred in Leicester Cathedral on…

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Salcombe sports Riviera style on tip of South Devon

Tucked away in a quiet estuary at the very tip of South Devon is the small, chic town of Salcombe. It has a long waterfront, sheltered harbour, clean, sandy beaches, and that crucial and ancient detail, a ferry to take you over the water. One…

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Borders line benefits for Scotland’s great Scott country

The budget for the new 35 miles long Borders Railway in Scotland did not run to a celebratory golden spike to secure the last sections of rail, the traditionally flamboyant final touch on the transcontinental railroads in North America, when track-laying work was completed this…

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Coburg – the town that made Queen Victoria smile

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married 175 years ago, on February 10th, 1840. This, one of the one of the great royal love stories, began in Coburg. The small duchy in Bavaria, representing unalloyed happiness for the young couple, is one of the principal stops on the…

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La Compagnie means business class, as it opens London-New York route

What does it cost for a return business class ticket from London to New York? Many corporate passengers may not know the astronomical amount, or don’t need to because their firm’s finance department pays the bill. But Frantz Yvelin, CEO and co-founder of new business…

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By BA to Turkey’s new premier holiday destination

When do tourism destinations achieve the industry’s equivalent of a football club’s promotion to the Premier League? The simple answer could be, looking at this from a UK perspective, is when British Airways starts flying there. It’s been a remarkable transformation for the holiday industry…

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