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Pavegen’s major walk-on part in renewable energy

Pavegen’s latest development in its renewable energy-generating technology (announced on May 11, 2016) is a triangular tile, the V3, said to be far more efficient than the company’s previous models, generating 5 watts per step. It can be used to power low-voltage off-grid applications such…

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Spice Island Zanzibar traps tourism’s wind of change

You don’t go on safari on the island of Zanzibar. But there is Capt. Morgan. Is it his real name? He is coy on the subject. But any confusion with the famous pirate of the Caribbean ends with his scrupulously honest assessment of our chances…

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Basel, ancient and modern Swiss city on the Rhine

Basel, where Liverpool played Sevilla in the Europa League final on May 18th, is entry-level Switzerland, very close to the border with Germany and France. It straddles the River Rhine, at the top of the country. It’s within a comfortable train journey from the UK – …

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Nissan Leaf is on a road near you – but did it sell enough?

Sales of all plug in cars almost doubled, world-wide, in 2015 to around 1 million. But they still represent a tiny proportion of the cars on the road, less that 1%. The Nissan Leaf was launched six years ago this week, going on sale in…

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Is Hart’s Books just a small win over e-books or a tide turner?

With the opening of independent bookshop Hart’s, in Saffron Walden in Essex, and better news about the sales  elsewhere, there are signs that the printed book is coming out of terminal decline in its struggle against the e-book. ———- As technology develops, devices – from LED lights to washing…

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The BTO casts light on the murky plight of the absent cuckoo

It is April 25, 2016, and I’m still listening, I fear increasingly in vain, for what we describe as “our” cuckoo. For a bird that advertises itself so clearly and unmistakably, the cuckoo and its movements are clouded in mystery. It could be that the…

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