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Attenborough promotes Global Apollo Programme to halt climate change

In a flurry of interviews on the opening day of COP21, the UN climate talks in Paris, Sir David Attenborough,  speaking with the authority few interviewers dare to counter,  outlined the simple premise of the Global Apollo Project. Media coverage of the climate crisis has been…

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As Paris climate talks start, is it time to aim for a zero carbon world?

It’s down to this. The world simply stops using fossil fuels, as soon as possible, and much sooner than the year 2100. Most delegations heading to the conference chambers of Paris for the vital UN climate talks from governments around the world won’t have it on…

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The Mastersingers’ Market – Nuremburg distils the Christmas spirit

This is the German Tourist board on the country’s 150 or so Christmas markets – “Stalls, handicrafts and gifts, festive baked treats, glühwein and delicious regional specialities.…Choirs and brass-bands providing festive musical accompaniment. Throughout Germany, Christmas markets celebrate seasonal customs and traditions in historical settings….

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From old Eastern Bloc crock to cool powerhouse – Leipzig’s soar story

Leipzig, the great city of Bach and Mendelson, has made a remarkable, if belated, advance since the days of the Monday Prayer meetings in St Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche), the peaceful cradle to the peaceful overthrow of communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. (This…

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How Donegal’s brief encounter became permanent promotion

There’s a key scene in Brief Encounter when Laura and Alec reach the station where they are to part for the last time. She (Celia Johnson) tells him (Trevor Howard) “I will walk past here many more times, but not with you.” I don’t know…

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Pavegen’s energy from footsteps advance “faster than solar”

The advances made in the pioneering technology of capturing energy from footsteps has been much more rapid than the progress in solar power when it was starting up, according to the CEO of Pavegen, a UK company at the leading edge of the (kinetic harvesting)…

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