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Nova – the bright light to shine on smartphone photos?

Another thing I like about Twitter. In just 10 minutes, without any help from the traditional media, I have found all I need to know about a bright new product after following a link and reading the company’s website and its well-presented press kit. The…

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Festivals in fields – was sold-out WOMAD the pick of 2014?

As the 2014 musical festival season comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on those colourful, animated jamborees  that break out in random, rural corners of Britain, regardless of the weather, throughout the summer. — It’s the social phenomenon of our times, the open-air…

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Basel, ancient and modern Swiss city on the Rhine

Basel is entry-level Switzerland, very close to the border with Germany and France. It straddles the River Rhine, right at the top of the country. It’s the easiest part of the country to reach overland from the UK –  about six hours by train from…

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Motorola unveils new version of Moto G – smartphone for the masses?

Motorola, the company that gave the world the first mobile phone, has come up with what could be the world’s most affordable smartphone. The new Moto G, an upgrade to the original model released in 2013, was unveiled last week (September 2014) – it costs…

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Can Welsh tourism cash its NATO dividend?

When the clattering helicopters, and the ominous motorcades with chunky black president-carriers much bigger than we used to have gone, the Wales of that very tempting Welsh Government video remains. President Obama is unlikely to return before the third week of January, 2017, when, under…

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After the NATO circus, will this corner of Wales reap a tourism bonanza?

After the screaming motorcades, and  clattering presidential helicopters it will be time for touristic payback to Newport and Monmouthshire. The international media spotlight moves on, but the world will certainly have heard of the Celtic Manor resort, base for the NATO Summit, and the beautiful…

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