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Bike to the future – the electric cycling revolution

Could the electric bike (e-bike) open cycling to the masses, and reduce our use of the car for short distance journeys? The cycling revolution has only half begun. There is no turning back the flood of serious long-distance cyclists, now visible in large numbers on country roads. Some…

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Football success gives Iceland tourism boost money can not buy

Close to economic melt-down in 2009, Iceland is staging a remarkable come-back. And on June 22nd, this nation of 300k reached the knock out stages of Euro 2016 in France. Forget all the financial computations on the level of improvement in the economy, this single…

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How Dragon ate my keyboard

I try out Dragon Anywhere, Nuance’s latest professional grade dictation software, on my Android smartphone…   Nuance Dragon has been on my computers for 10 years, on my desktop, and then my Apple MacBook in successive versions. Now I am trialling the first version of Dragon Anywhere, “professional…

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Is Lyon an easier version of Paris, with better food?

Lyon, one of the Euro 2016 venues and where England play tonight – June 20th – is a city for all seasons. An easy weekend visit by train (five hours by direct Eurostar trains from London St Pancras) or plane, this UNESCO world heritage-listed destination…

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Toulouse, elegant city in France’s south west reaching for the stars

Toulouse, La Ville Rose, the “Pink City”, deep in the south west, is one of the venues for Euro 2016. Wales played there on June 20th. It is of France’s most handsome cities, mid-way between Atlantic and Mediterranean and close to the Pyrenees, it contains…

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Lille – French city transformed by high speed train

Lille and Lens The Euro 2016 football venue is the small industrial town of Lens, centre of the swirling carnage of the First World War, which was happening here exactly 100 years ago. Today the pre-eminent attraction is the new Louvre-Lens gallery, opened in 2012…

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