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Rotterdam’s revival – how Holland’s second city makes its mark

Rotterdam may not be able to compete on history with its near neighbour, Amsterdam. Yet Holland’s second city is winning plaudits as one of Europe’s newest and liveliest short stay destinations. There are dramatic, diverting and exciting pieces of architecture, such as the world’s biggest, newest…

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Why the cuckoo failed to show, and how the BTO might find it

What became of “our” cuckoo? That must sound odd. The cuckoo is the last bird anybody could claim ownership to. This is a free spirit, notorious for its irresponsible parenting, shamelessly exploiting many (in the current parlance) hard-working bird families. How can we possibly speak…

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Dragon Dictate 4 – Speech recognition’s mature years

Several things have transformed my way of working during my career as a journalist. The first, naturally, was a computer. Then came the Internet. Then the mobile phone, developing into the smartphone, with its multiplicity of uses. So it is now also my camera, my…

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Swansea catches tide to lead the world in every day clean lagoon energy

I am immensely proud of my hometown, Swansea. If all goes well, by the end of 2018 a six-mile long wall will loop out from the seafront, like an oddly inflated balloon, to define the world’s first energy-generating tidal lagoon. Turbines at the outer edge…

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Capital idea to put nature and the environment in heart of UK economy

This is how to put a price on nature. If landowners and developers want to build houses in beautiful, open countryside, they must compensate for the loss of habitat and wildlife by providing a piece of land of equal or greater size nearby, then pay…

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Wild Highlands life in a year of changing weather

A Bird’s Eye View of a Highland Year, by John Lister-Kaye. Canon Gate, £14.99 hardback, £12.99 e-book. Any preconceptions I might have had that this would be the standard “Year in the life of” nature book were summarily dispelled on page 3 of the preface. John…

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