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Could climate-conscious Oxford lead Church of England to divest from fossil fuels?

The Church of England – safe, dependable, peaceful, caring. And now radical? A small earthquake was detonated in the Diocese of Oxford, covering the three largely rural counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. And it wasn’t set off by fracking. Quite the opposite. Last weekend…

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Significant ceramics – on the trail of Europe’s finest pottery cities

There’s a new and very distinguished international cultural itinerary through five countries, on the trail of an item that has seduced us for centuries. The ultimate thrill would be to spend a week, or more reasonably two, following the invisible thread running from Limoges in France,…

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High-fly wi-fi York bids to be UK’s best online tourist destination

Could the guidebook and the tourist leaflet become obsolete, before too long, at least in town and city centres? Using ubiquitous, and free, Wi-Fi, tourists may never again need to look up the height of that steeple, the age of that ancient market cross, the…

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The LED street light revolution cuts cost as well as carbon

LED streetlights have appeared in my village, one of the first pieces in the jigsaw which will depict a truly low carbon future, as seen from my doorstep. They come not so long after the first electric car was spotted here. While electric cars are…

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Berlin without its Wall – 25 years on

On 10 November 1989, BBC reporter Olenka Frenkiel walked into the Newsnight Berlin studio, unannounced, with a chunk of the Berlin Wall, which she had appropriated just as bulldozers began to demolish the structure that had defined the deep fissure between East and West for…

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Salisbury’s perfect year as world’s top 10 city

Lonely Planet has chosen Salisbury as one of its top 10 cities of the world to visit in 2015. The city celebrates the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015 – the cathedral will be displaying its copy, considered to be the best of the…

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