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Motorola makes Moto G force in the smartphone market

I have a new camera / radio (though I mainly use BBC iPlayer, liberating me from the schedule) /tape recorder / personal communications centre / computer. Oh, and it’s a telephone too. It’s also a timepiece and very handy alarm clock. My day is punctuated by…

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Beyond selling houses: Property website Plentific adds services for homeowners

We’ve just moved into our (hypothetical) new home, and there’s work to be done. We need an electrician to fix that dodgy wiring, a plumber to sort out the en-suite, and an architect to give us some thoughts on that extension we are planning. In time…

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The discrete charm of England’s Sefton Coast

It’s summer, but it seems the British aren’t going to the seaside like they used to. An item on BBC Radio Five (August 12, 2015) extolled the virtues of the National Trust reserve at Formby, Lancashire, part of one of the largest areas of unspoilt…

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Why are we still waiting for Turkey’s solar energy revolution?

Do holidaymakers  in Turkey care where the country’s energy comes from?  Why should they? They are on holiday. And yet they may notice the occasional power cut, especially in busy tourist areas. They may also wonder why that abundant sunshine isn’t helping. The sun is a…

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My year with a smart phone I actually own – the Motorola G

It has been an interesting tech year for me. I’ve had a mobile phone or a smartphone since the mid-90s. But since last September I’ve been doing something quite unusual – owning a smartphone, Motorola’s Moto G, as opposed to effectively renting one from Carphone…

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British drivers still unsure on Continental roads, surveys show

It was the first night of our holiday in Brittany. Tired, hungry and not concentrating, I drove away from the holiday home we just reached on the wrong side of the road. I realised my mistake within a few hundred metres. There was nobody about,…

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