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How the drive to push meat off the menu could soon turn into a stampede

Spanish Plant-Based Meat Company Heura launched its latest products this month (September 2021), somewhat provocatively, in the high temple of bovine muscularity, La Monumental, Catalunya’s last bullfighting colosseum still in operation. It was a potent photo opportunity, a “pork” sausage and a chorizo brought to market in a place so deeply imbued with the ritualistic… Continue reading


Are men ready for upmarket hair care?

Melogy has since closed. So I’ve amended my piece, below, to turn it into a kind of lament.   When the original St. Pancras Hotel opened alongside the Midland Railway London terminus 138 years ago, the cameras picked out a host of important and august men in top hats and frock coats.  But while their beards… Continue reading