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Writing Aylesbury out of a children’s classic: how important are real places in literature?

When The Story of Holly and Ivy was first published, it was set in the Buckinghamshire market town of Aylesbury. In later editions the location was switched to the made-up Appleton. Has the book lost something as a result? “And where does your grandmother live?” asks a gentleman in the train compartment. “In Aylesbury”, answers Ivy. “Yes,… Continue reading


Non stop Bach is the spirit of my Christmas

Eight days from 12:00 AM (New York time) December 24th, 2018, to December 31st, WKCR (89.9 FM and will dedicate all broadcasting to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.   Many of us have a Christmas tradition,  a favourite film, or a meal or a gathering in the pub with friends, the local… Continue reading