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Toyota and Tesla Motors testing electric car


Tesla Roadster
Creative Commons License photo credit: exfordy

Toyota and Tesla Motors have built and are testing an electric car, just months after they announced they would collaborate.

In May Toyota said it was investing $50 million in the electric car maker Tesla.  Building Toyota electric vehicle (EV) prototypes with Tesla power trains has been undertaken quickly and quietly.

A Tesla spokeswoman said the prototype “is undergoing testing. It will be unveiled to the public later this year.” She said the companies had signed a development agreement to put together “a high-volume Toyota vehicle with a Tesla electric power train.”

The object of the joint development project is said to be an EV (electric vehicle) with a 150-mile range,  selling for $40,000. A 150 mile range would be half as much again as the Nissan Leaf.

— based on Wheels blog, New York Times July 13, 2010 adds that Tesla, which launched in 2008, has sold around 1,000 units of its luxury electric sports car, the Roadster. The firm plans to launch its Model S saloon EV in 2012. The car will cost just under $50,000.

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