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Peddling the good news from Ghent

Ghent, suitably traffic-free, by night

Let’s celebrate the Belgian city of Ghent “transformed from a city with high levels of traffic congestion to a clean, tranquil and safe cycling city, where two wheels take priority over four” according to  the judges in the inaugural Eurostar Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel,  which announced its winners this week (May 31, 2012).

“One in five of all journeys to work or school in Ghent are now made by bike,” thanks to a “far-reaching mobility plan, which is designed to get more people cycling”. Ghent City Council’s approach, which includes the creation of a car-free city centre, extensive safety initiatives and investment in creative marketing support, impressed the judging panel.  “The Council provides an excellent example of how to transform the travel habits of an entire city.”

You can read the full story here. Ghent City Council shared the award with Norfolk-based car-sharing organisation, Liftshare, praised for its “tireless efforts to fill empty car seats on the roads, via its online car-sharing network, which offers a friendlier, greener and cheaper way to travel.”

I don’t know Liftshare, but I did spend some pleasant days in the city of Ghent recently.

Click here for my report.


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Ashden promotes universal access to sustainable energy. In the UK we promote local sustainable energy and a shift to a low carbon economy bringing green jobs, energy security, lower fuel bills and reduced fuel poverty.

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