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Peak District tourism website relaunched

I recently came across a useful walkers’ website – . This is a page looking at the Roaches ——— Promoting a destination through a website has been obligatory for some time, if the place wants to attract today’s web-savvy travellers. But now we are into the second and third generation of tourism websites, and the… Continue reading

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Beating the Transcaucasian Trail, an epic trek through distant lands

Jan, 2020 update. The Transcaucasian Trail project is working towards transforming the ancient connecting routes of traveller and shepherds in Georgia and Armenia into world-class hiking and biking trails. As of January 2020, several hundred kilometres of trail exist. There are spectacular treks through the regions of Svaneti, Racha, Mtianeti, Khevsureti, Tusheti, Lagodekhi National Park,… Continue reading

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Rotterdam’s revival – how direct London trains are boosting Netherlands’ second city

Feb 2020 news… Direct trains from the Netherlands to London will start running from April 30, 2020. Eurostar initiated a service from London to Amsterdam and Rotterdam in 2018. However passengers in the return direction have to change at Brussels and pass through passport control. The UK, French, Belgian and Dutch Governments have now agreed for checks… Continue reading