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Syria – when it was last at peace

Ten years ago, in March 2011, peaceful protests against President Bashar Assad’s government began in Syria. Before long a popular uprising turned into full-blown civil war, and unspeakable violence against civilians.  In 2021 Syria is economically devastated and divided, its populations dispersed and desperate, but Assad remains firmly in control.  I visited Syria in its last… Continue reading

Travel Features

Down the King’s Highway into ancient Jordan

The King’s Highway was a busy thoroughfare down the spine of Jordan when the road outside my house was still part of the floor of the Wild Wood in pre-Roman Britain. It’s so old it has a write-up in the Old Testament (Numbers 20:17), when Moses and the Israelites try to pass through without being harassed by the people of Edom. It links Crusader castles, Roman fortresses, early Islamic towns, and the fabulous rocks city of Petra.

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