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How the drive to push meat off the menu could soon turn into a stampede

Spanish Plant-Based Meat Company Heura launched its latest products this month (September 2021), somewhat provocatively, in the high temple of bovine muscularity, La Monumental, Catalunya’s last bullfighting colosseum still in operation. It was a potent photo opportunity, a “pork” sausage and a chorizo brought to market in a place so deeply imbued with the ritualistic… Continue reading

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Former government chief scientist Sir David King calls for urgent climate action

It’s encouraging that the need for urgent action on the climate emergency is finally being being widely accepted by politicians, business and the wider public. The message must be relentlessly proclaimed throughout the 2020s.  Until recently so many opportunities have been squandered, so many experts ignored. One is the former government chief scientist Sir David King. I remember an… Continue reading

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New York leads accelerating move to divest from fossil fuels

Update: March 21st 2018. Cardiff University announced yesterday that it is to stop investing in fossil fuels by 2021. Its statement:  “The move to full divestment aligns the University’s investment decisions with our values and aims, and reaffirms our commitment to environmental sustainability, responsible investment and social responsibility. I wrote the piece below the line three years… Continue reading