Gareth Huw Davies

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"Plastiki" catamaran, made of plastic bottles, half way over Pacific.

The “Plastiki” catamaran, made of 12,000 plastic bottles, is now about half way across the Pacific, on its way from San Francisco to Sydney to spread awareness about pollution in the world’s oceans.They have reached the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a sea of waste five times the size of the UK. Plastiki’s component water bottles are filled with carbon dioxide, which give the vessel buoyancy.

It is powered by solar, wind and sea turbines. An exercise bike powers onboard laptops. There is a “composting” bathroom; gardens to grow food. 31-year-old adventurer, environmentalist and banking heir David De Rothschild is backer and a crew member.

Four out of five plastic bottles end up in a landfill, according to the UN.

Critics say the expedition perpetuates the belief that plastic use is acceptable, if it is recycled. They say people should cut it out entirely.