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American Revolution on clean energy?

After May 6, we will have to take decisions on a shift to cleaner energy. Surprisingly, the inspiration may come from the USA. Maggie L. Fox, CEO of The Alliance for Climate Protection has been writing hopefully
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She says the Senate is working on an agreement to forge a new energy future to help the US economy, promote energy independence and creating millions of new jobs.

President Obama has put his newly reinforced political weight behind this new energy and climate policy.

In the Senate senators from both sides are advancing proposals for comprehensive climate legislation. Obama could sign them into law this year.

Maggie Fox says all the scientific facts point to the need for immediate action. “The selective interpretations of a few stolen e-mails can’t change the fact that sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting and weather is bcoming more extreme.”

She says the benefits of green work done so far are evident.

“All over the USA, there are examples of a burgeoning clean energy economy. Companies are building solar power plants. Windmill farms are opening. Teams are working to refit old buildings into more efficient homes and workplaces.

“What we need now is national leadership to drive this essential change to scale and to completion.”

She points out that the US public overwhelmingly supports action, with poll after poll showing that the public understands the sense of moving to a clean energy economy.

“It’s time to unleash innovation and put in place policies that can create jobs, secure energy independence and protect public health — and our planet’s health — for future generations.”

Now let’s make it happen in the UK as well.